Learn the actions that allow you to let go of the pain following:



Loss of Job

Loss of Pet

Loss of Trust

Many other losses


Grief is natural, but many of the ideas we’ve been taught about dealing with grief are not helpful.  There is information to help you make sense of your experience of loss and create your own steps forward.  If you’re seeking insight and information to cope with and recover from loss in your life, I’d like to help..



Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Transformation Weekend Master Trainer and Heart Healer

For as long as Syrina Daisy can remember, she has always had a heart for helping people. After suffering personal trauma at a young age, she used her story as a vehicle to help prevent others from going through the pain she went through, and to give them the strength to heal and the hope to carry on. Her recovery journey lasted over 20 years and the effects of that trauma continued to hinder her ability to foster healthy relationships well into adulthood. After the end of her marriage, she knew there had to be a better way to heal. A few years later, after the devastating loss of her son, Syrina found the Grief Recovery Method and noticed her recovery time was dramatically shortened, to a matter of weeks…not years.

"We are taught how to acquire things in life, but not what to do when we lose them" ~ John James.  

Syrina went on to become an Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and began her work as a heart healer. She also became a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach to better assist people who had suffered a job loss, and to help them rise to new levels of achievement in their career. Witnessing how effective this type of work was led Syrina to become a Transformation Weekend Master Trainer so she could better support people in achieving the goals they once thought were out of reach. Syrina’s resounding belief is that we are all meant for greatness in whatever form holds true for us. One of her favourite quotes is by Marianne Williamson, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.” Syrina’s current mission is to help you conquer your fears and unlock your greatness.

Syrina offers a variety of Grief Recovery Method programs in my community, such as in-person 1-on-1 GRM, Grief Recovery Support Groups.  Besides serving the greater Calgary area, she also offer Grief Recovery support online.

For a free consultation, please contact me   403-651-2694 or schedule a session


Syrina combines strength, softness and compassion in a way that makes it easy to tell the truth - no matter how embarrassing or ugly I thought it was. She just keeps looking at you and lets you feel your feelings, nudging you back if you stray down the victim pathway. Syrina also brings immense commitment to the work we did together; because I knew she would show up it was easy for me to show up. If you are ready to change your life, ready to see pain where you were afraid to look before, ready to shake off and let go of what you thought you were, then working with Syrina will make that difference you've been yearning for.


Syrina provided me with the tools and support to plan, implement, and eventually realize the transformation that my life demanded. Through her compassionate counselling, I addressed the skeletons that had been long waiting in the closet and made the hard decisions that restored the self I was before being paralyzed by grief: strong, free, and fearless. Crafting a grief timeline and articulating in letters to those who caused me sorrow their lasting impact on my thoughts, words, and deeds led to forgiveness (of them and myself), heightened self-awareness and, ultimately, the peace and clarity to move forward. I would recommend Syrina’s sweet style of sincerity to anyone who knows that their life deserves to be better but isn’t sure how to proceed.

Lisa Shipka

I can’t imagine where I would be today without the Grief Recovery Process and Syrina’s coaching. This program has helped me to deal with losing Tinda and find the strength to keep going. I had no idea how ill prepared I was to deal with grief until it hit me like a brick wall. Unprocessed grief has a cumulative effect in our lives and without effective grief counselling can affect us in profoundly negative ways. Grief isn’t always caused by death, divorce, loss of a pet, loss of hopes and dreams all have similar impact on our lives. If you find yourself struggling in life or overreacting to circumstances and having no clue why, it may be caused by unresolved grief. I encourage you to reach out to Syrina to see if she might be a fit to help you sort it out.

Jennifer Graham


Grief Recovery Expert

Syrina understands grief right through to her bones. As a grief coach, she walks with her clients through some of life's most difficult transitions, and she does it with incredible grace, compassion and love.
Joyfully, she parents a son and is married to the love of her life, and yet her first son Alex is no longer earth-side. Syrina has maintained loving relationships with Alex's friends and when you hear her story, you will be filled with hope and gratitude. Syrina fills every space with peace, presence and love.




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